How to identify original oil paintings for sale

You may be an art lover, who has immense love and appreciation for the original work. But, how do you identify, if the oil paintings for sale by the artist is original?

Budding art enthusiasts, and individuals who enjoy purchasing paintings, often struggle with the identification of original work. So, in this blog, we will discuss how you can identify original oil paintings for sale.

6 Ways for identifying original oil painting for sale

Look for the artist: When you look for the oil painting for sale by the artist, always do a little research about them before making an impulsive purchase. Go through the painting style, patterns, check for similarities, and if there are any reviews about the artwork. All these researches will help you in developing a better understanding of the artist, their work, and their authenticity.

Signature: A signature is one of the best ways of identifying the authenticity of a painting. An artist has a specific way of signing their artwork, some mention date, and place, while some sign using colors, so check for the style and placement of the signature in every painting. If there is no noticeable change, then the paintings are authentic and original.

Use your nose: One of the most reliable devices you can use for the identification of an artwork’s authenticity is your olfactory senses. You can rub your hands on the oil paintings and smell them. Oil paintings don’t lose their smell quickly; it takes years in fading fragrance. Therefore, if you are buying an old original painting, your nose can help you in its identification.

Use Magnifying glass: Now, what is that you have to look through a magnifying glass? If you are buying an old painting, then there is a set of colored dots that is visible through a 10x magnifier. If you are buying a new oil painting, then you should hold the painting in light and look from its backside, if the light can pass then it’s an original artwork.

Raised paint: Raised paints can be easily noticed, as all you need to do is, hold the canvas flat, and observe if the painted area appear raised or not. If the painting is flat, then it can be a repainted and printed one and does not deserve your time and money.

Authenticity certificate: Artists should provide a certificate of authenticity, which is a signed document, containing details about the artwork. This certificate is mandatory to be provided with a painting, so if you are purchasing a painting from someone who isn’t providing an authenticity certificate, then you should avoid buying such artwork.


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