Envisioned art beyond expression or application of natural creative skill with oil as my medium. It’s embedded in my being, a Nigerian- American artist/ poet raised in a crossroads of different cultures. I love expressing my wild imaginations in bold and vigorous colors and textures, yet peaceful and thought-provoking mood. I translate these effects in my abstract, Impressionism, expressionism, and contemporary paintings. And in innovative sharp and detailed structures creating a natural sense of depth and space. I see art in everything around and beyond me. I see art beyond the brush strokes and textures created on my canvas, I’m in “oneness” with art. My paintings are collected by private collectors.


Name: Festus Marazere

Location: New Jersey

Graduated from New Jersey City University, Bachelor’s Degree (Geology) Art minor.


London: Jan 2nd to Feb 12th

France: Mar 5th to Apr 18th

Germany: Sep 22nd to Nov 1st

Australia: Nov 21st to Dec 25th

Rome: Vacation


Address: West Orange, New Jersey

Phone: +201-249-2583

Email: fmarazere1@gmail.com